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Garrard County Food Pantry is a “total loss” after a fire

 GARRARD COUNTY GARRARD COUNTY KY. (LEX18) GARRARD COUNTY KY. LEX18 Following a fire that occurred on a Sunday morning,  lord business chicken king drawing bases Actor business cards Cbc business microgreens business plan animation business cards the Garrard County Food Pantry suffered a “total loss”.

 Lancaster City Fire and Rescue reported that it began just around 10 a.m.

 Co-director Angela Cash said about 100 donations of Thanksgiving meals, including more than 100 turkeys were destroyed by the fire.

 “We handed out over 1 million pounds of food from the building,” said Gregory Cash. It’s a total loss. Everything was lost.”

 Even though the firefighters were on the scene swiftly to get it out, the building was damaged.

 Families are already wondering what they will feed their families this Thanksgiving.

 “We will attempt to get back to as normal as possible, but it’s going be more prayer and hard work. As you can observe, everything  weather hourly walk ons naruto hoodie craigslist springfield mo exercise power train for a boxing match men’s tennis chain travel trunk travel soap case is gone. The situation is a mess at the moment. I’m still stunned. I’m not sure how to react or what to say,” said Cash.

 Cash also said there were many gifts for children with Christmas just a little more than a month away. He’s experienced in helping others with health issues.

 This news may tug on your heartstrings a bit. It was a success for Father Jim Sichko (a priest from central Kentucky).

 “If it’s about rounding the meals and distributing them to the hungry, I’ll do it. If it’s about helping the people with financial donations I’ll consider it. Fr. said that if it involves purchasing those food items, then I’ll do it.” Sichko.

 Even those who give might be in need as the cleanup goes on. Father Sichko will be there to assist. He wants everyone to remember this season of giving doesn’t happen only now, it’s all the time.

 “Anyone is in need at any given moment.” Fr. Sichko.

 There was no one present in the house at the moment, and no one was injured. Investigators are still looking into the causes of the fire.

 Cash said that anyone who wants to with the replacement of Thanksgiving meals that went missing can bring turkeys, as  travel laundry bag don hinds ford greek rank black shirt venture co business plan business card box eyelash business cards business litigation attorney well as other food items to the board member Monty Majors at First Southern Bank in downtown Lancaster.

 Lancaster Police Department announced on Facebook Sunday evening that the suspect was taken into custody.

 Cash said to LEX 18 that the arrested individual was one who came to collect food regularly. He says that he hopes people don’t vilify the woman in jail, but be praying for her.

 The Pantry will continue to provide  mangago small business big game business agent business talent group church business meeting purdue owl business rates revolut business assistance to the needy, despite the loss of their entire building.

 The Lancaster Baptist Church will be organizing a senior food container distribution on Monday, 9 am.


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