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Many military families are struggling

with hunger and food insecurity.

 SAN DIEGO, AP -The hidden issue has been a concern for years at one of the most secure financial institutions on the planet. It’s only got worse during the coronavirus epidemic. Nearly 160,000 soldiers are struggling to feed their families.

 That estimate by Feeding America, which coordinates the work of over 200 food pantries across the country, underscores the  believe supplements yoga butt mini exercise bike cat yoga yoga in the hood see through yoga windmill exercise around the world exercise extent to which food insecurity over time has extended into every aspect of American life even the military.

 Due to the lack of official research, it’s an open question regarding the precise extent of the issue. But , according to activists, it’s been present for many years and mostly affects junior-level soldiers — ranks E1 to E4 in military parlance and children.

 “It’s a shocking truth that’s acknowledged by a number of food pantries throughout the United States,” said Vince Hall, Feeding America’s government relations officer. “This is a cause of shame and embarrassment for the organization.”

 According to the study according to the study, 29% of troops in the youngest enlisted ranks were affected by food insecurity in the past year.

 “It is what it is,” said James Bohannon 34, a veteran of the Naval E4 (petty officer third class) from San Diego who relies on food assistance for his two daughters. well-nourished.

 “You know what you’re signing yourself up for in the military,” he said, after emerging from the drive-thru food  cooking merit badge pamphlet cooking merit badge workbook craigslist chico ruby tuesday menu mommy and me yoga leggings vs yoga pants distribution held by the local Armed Services YMCA branch. “But I’m not going lie. It’s not easy.”

 In addition to the low pay for junior enlisted ranks the numerous changes associated with military life make it hard for spouses of military personnel to get stable employment. Many are reluctant to speak about their problems because of the sense of self-sufficiency that is prevalent in the military.

 The problem is compounded due to an obscure Agriculture Department rule that prevents thousands of needy military families from accessing the SNAP government assistance program, commonly referred to as food stamps.

 It’s not something we are aware of, but military personnel are accustomed with it. It’s something we all know,” stated Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, who is a Democrat and former Blackhawk pilot  schiffert health center health rising susans health gourmet timedoc health fire hydrants exercise rep fitness sandbag 24 hour pharmacy who was injured during a helicopter crash in Iraq. “We’re the most powerful military on the earth and yet those in the lowest rungs of our military ranks are — even if they’re married with children or two– they’re hungry. How do you keep your eyes on the mission while also defending our democracy? Are you worried about whether your child will be eating dinner tonight?

 Meredith Knopp, CEO of the food bank located in St. Louis and an Army veteran, has said that the issue is prevalent across all branches of the military. She recalls as an officer in the midst of Texas being met by a private holding a baby.

 She explained, “They were about to stop his electricity supply because they couldn’t pay their bills.” “It shocked me to the core.”

 Perhaps the best indicator of how deeply the problem is rooted is the fact that a strong network of charities that are military-related like the Armed Services YMCA or Blue Star Families, has created an infrastructure of food banks near to major military bases.

 San Diego may be one of the epicenters for the phenomenon, thanks to expensive housing prices and numerous military bases within driving distance. For Brooklyn Pittman, whose husband, Matthew, is in the Navy and moved to California from West Virginia this year was a financial shock.

 “We were able to save a lot of money to build up before we moved to another city and it was a struggle,” she said. “We still had student loans and everything else on top of everything else.”

 The savings quickly vanished  carmel health and living cherry hill health and raquet club bigger booty lifetime fitness franklin crotchless yoga pants give yoga bungee exercise and the small amount she earned from dog-sitting couldn’t even make up the gap. At times, the couple thought of staying in their car on the ground until their next payday.

 Pittman was among the 320 families participating in the Armed Services YMCA’s late October drive-thru food distribution. This event took place for over ten years. However, the organization extended its operation from six to eleven locations across the country when the pandemic hit. The frequency of events in San Diego has been doubled.


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